The Gaddabouts – look out now

The Gaddabouts – look out now

Steve Gadd formed the band “The Gaddabouts” in 2011.


Their new double disc “Look Out Now” was released end of 2012.

Steve Gadd is a wonderful drummer and he can play all styles in a very musical way. The list of artists he has performed with is very long.

The Gaddabouts are:

Steve Gadd – drums and vocal

Edie Brickell – vocal and guitar

Andy Fairweather-Low – guitar and vocal

Pino Palladino – bass and some guitar

Guest Players on “Look Out Now”:

Ronnie Cuber- Sax

Larry Goldings- Organ

Composer: The Gaddabouts

All-star group The Gaddabouts Title track from their new album, “Look Out Now”.

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