Star Alliance Party Band

Star Alliance Party Band

The band Star Alliance is the major difference between an ordinary party and an outstanding party. We have great references from whole Sweden (private-, birthday-, wedding- and company-parties).


Below is a medley there you can listen to how we sound (sound clip):

Medley Star Alliance


Here you can see more about Star Alliance Party Band (introduction movie):


Star Alliance was founded by Thomas Stannow Lind, Sven Stork, Michael Lundblad and Torbjörn Fjeldgård in 1992 (in Stockholm, Sweden).

Band members are:

Thomas Stannow Lind – lead vocal, percussion

Sven Stork – keyboard, background vocal

Michael Lundblad – guitar, background vocal

Torbjörn Fjeldgård – bass

On drums we switch between; Magnus Fritz, Magnus Anderfjärd, Mårgan Höglund or Pelle Claesson

On Sax we switch between; Kai Sundqvist, Johan Håkansson or Tore Berglund

We like:

Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Elton John, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Lenny Kravitz, ABBA, Toto, Jimi Hendrix, Seal, Michael Jackson, and many more…

We play:

Soul, Funk, R&B, Blues, Pop, Rock and Disco. We play music that makes people happy and creates a great atmosphere.

How to contact Star Alliance:

If you would like to hire Star Alliance to your party or event, click here. We will respond fast to your request.

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