Robert John Godfrey

Robert John Godfrey

Robert John Godfrey – Pianist, composer, philosopher and autodidact.

Robert John Godfrey (born 30 July 1947) is also founder and member of The Enid.

Recently, he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. As a consequence of this, he has revealed that he intends to retire from The Enid and allow the band to continue to perform without him.

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In the early 80s , I listened with my bandmates in our group “Pinocchios Tuta” to several albums with The Enid. Their style was very progressive and symphonic (and still is). The musicians in our band “Pinocchios Tuta” was myself on bass, Dag Mattsson on guitar, Martin Klaman on guitar, Björn Axelsson on keyboards and Lasse Lundbom on drums. We did several concerts, including at the fine jazz club Fashing in Stockholm and direct broadcast on the Swedish national radio. Below is an example of a live concert with “Pinocchios Tuta” from April 9, 1985. The name of the song is ” North Shine Carnival” composed by Björn Axelsson , hope you enjoy it:


Below is a wonderful and romantic example of the music composed and performed by Robert John Godfrey.


Robert John Godfrey talks about “Life without Robert – a vision for the future of The Enid”

If you’ve read this far , I ask you to really listen to Robert John Godfrey’s romantic album “The Art Of Melody” which he released in 2013. Examples of how the album sounds can be found by clicking here and to read more about the album you can click here.

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