Georgy Porgy is a classic Toto tune from 1978

Georgy Porgy is a classic Toto tune from 1978

Georgy Porgy is a classic Toto tune from 1978 that I love (great rhythm, harmonies, beat and melody).


Below is a list of 15 different versions of Georgy Porgy.

First some live versions by Toto and then a mix of different sound clips and videos with different artists.


Enjoy the tune Georgy Porgy.


Toto live from Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio 1979


Toto live from Tokyo (1980)


Toto live at Budokan (1982)


Toto live in Paris (October 1990)


Toto live from Amsterdam (2008)


Studio version from 1979 with Charme feat. Luther Vandross


A smooth R&B version with Joe  “All Or Nothing” (Poor Georgie Porgie Mix, 1994)


Studio version with Dimension (1996)


This is a different version by “Poetry´n Motion” (1998)


Eric Benét live in Tokyo with Michael Paulo Band (2007)


Live version (2008) with Paul Jackson Jr. & Tim Pierce (git), David Garfield (key), Steve Ferrone (dr), Alex Ligertwood (voc), Glen Huges (voc)


Live version (2009) with David Garfield & Karizma at Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia. The members in the band are; Alex Ligertwood (voc), David Garfield (key), John Pena (b), James Harrah (git), Steve Ferrone (dr), Lenny Castro (perc)


This live version is with my band “Star Alliance” in Stockholm (2009)


Eric Benét live in Stockholm at Fasching, June 3, 2011 (I was at that concert with my wife, right in front of and above the stage, at the best table)


Here is a live version from Katalin in Uppsala, Sweden (March 2013) with Pierre Swärd Organ Jazz´n Soul Group. Musicians are; Pierre Swärd (org), Jan Ottesen (g) and Joakim Ekberg (dr)


Bonus: Here is two versions for children describing the sounds that alphabets make

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