Don-E soul singer from UK

Don-E soul singer from UK

Don-E is a great soul singer from UK.

Don-E (born Donald McLean, in Brixton, London, England) is a British soul singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Don-E is most well known for his début single, “Love Makes The World Go Round” which reached #18 in the UK Singles Chart in 1992.


Don-E’s interest in music began when his father, a South London pastor, gave him a home-made guitar for his fifth birthday. After taking an interest in his parents’ collection of gospel and soul, he moved onto funk, reggae, jazz and pop.

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Don-E released the album “Little Star” during the summer 2013 and so far it is his best performance. To listen to sound clips from that album click here.


Unbreakable (1992)
Changing Seasons (1995)
Try This (2005)
Natural (2008)
Ladies Night Part 1 (2012)
Little Star (2013)

Below is a video with the song Unbreakable. The quality is not the best, but you will anyway get a feeling for him.

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