Dimension from Japan

Dimension from Japan

DIMENSION from Japan

DIMENSION from Japan is a fusion (electric jazz, jazz-rock-funk) band, formed in Tokyo in1992. They are a well kept secret in Europe and USA. The group comprises Takashi Masuzaki (Guitar), Akira Onozuka (Keyboards) and Kazuki Katsuta (Saxophone). Personally I think they are above both Casiopea and Mezzoforte (If their names tell you something).

DIMENSION released their first album, Le Mans, as a TV Program for the 24 Hours of Le Mans soundtrack in 1992. Dimension has released 26 albums of original work during the latest 20 years, and they have performed at Tokyo Jazz Festival, Seoul Jazz Festival etc. All their albums are highly regarded and they have several times won the prize for best jazz music in the Japanese jazz music magazine, “ADLIB”. They have also played on many recordings and sessions as solo musicians for other artists.

takashi-masuzaki-guitar-dimensionTakashi Masuzaki (Guitar)

He started his career as professional guitarist in mid 80’s and has played on many studio recordings and concerts as support musician. in 1991, He released his first solo album, “Speaks”, and the year after he released his 2nd solo album, “Escape”. In 1992 he formed DIMENSION with Akira and Kazuki. His playing style is warm and tasteful, and he has good musical partnership with both Steve Lukather and Larry carlton.

akira-onazuka-keyboards-dimensionAkira Onozuka (Keyboards)

He started his career as professional keyboard player at the age of 18. He plays piano, organ, electric piano and is a great synthesizer programmer. Akira is also a member of the Sadao Watanabe Group (Sadao is a great sax player from Japan).


Kazuki Katsuta (Saxophone)

He started his career as session musician in 1988. He has been awarded many times in the ADLIB magazine. He has a unique style and his horn section arrangements are highly regarded.





Below are some samples from concerts that I hope you will like. I will further on write about their music and give some nice review examples.

al00 al01 al02 al03 al04 al05 al06 al07 al08 al09 al10 al11 al12 al13 al14 al15 al16 al17 al18 al19 al20 al21 al22 al23 al24 al25

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