Quote # 41 by Roy Ayers

Quote # 41 by Roy Ayers

“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.”


– Roy Ayers


Roy Ayers is probably one of the best messengers to his own quote!

He has spread the message of joy, friendship and love since the early 60´s, and he does it still today!


Roy Ayers (born September 10, 1940) is an American funk, soul, and jazz composer, singer and vibraphone player.

Music has always been in his genes. His mother, Ruby, was a schoolteacher and local piano instructor and his father, Roy Sr., was a sometimes-parking attendant and trombonist.

As it often happens in a household filled with love and appreciation for music, Roy began to demonstrate his musical aptitude by the tender age of five.

By then he was playing boogie tunes on the piano. He eventually turned his attention to the guitar and other instruments, including the trumpet and drums before embracing instrument of choice, the vibraphone.

In the 1960’s, Roy was an award-winning jazz vibraphonist but soon transferred into a popular R&B band leader in the 1970’s and 80’s. Today, the dynamic music man is an iconic figure still in great demand.

Vibraphonist and vocalist Roy Ayers is among the best-known and most respected jazz and R&B artists on the scene today.

Roy Ayers also has the nickname “The Godfather of Neo-Soul”.


Below are some sound clips and videos that I hope you will like as much as I do. Enjoy!


Roy Ayers – “Sound And Sense” and “Reggie Of Chester” from his first album as a leader “WEST COAST VIBES” (1963)

Musicians are; Curtis Amy (sax), Jack Wilson (p), Bill Plummer (b), Tony Bazley (dr) and Roy Ayers (Vibr)


Roy Ayers  – “In The Limelight” from his second album “Virgo Vibes” (1967)

Musicians are; Roy Ayers (vibr), Joe Henderson (ts), Ronnie Clark (p), Reggie Workman (b), Bruno Carr (dr)


Roy Ayers – “Virgo Vibes (Outside Blues)” from his second album “Virgo Vibes” (1967)

Note, It´s the wrong album cover to this tune (Daddy Bug & Friends came 1969 and Virgo Vibes is not on that album). Same musicians as above


Roy Ayers Ubiquity – “He’s A Superstar” from the album “He´s Coming” (1971), nice groove!


Roy Ayers Ubiquity – “Love From The Sun” (1973) from the album “Virgo Red”, leaves you with a positive feeling!


Roy Ayers – “Miles (love’s Silent Dawn) from the album “A Tear To Smile” (1975)


Roy Ayers – “Chicago” from the album “Lots Of Love” (1998 but originally issued 1983)


Roy Ayers – “Live At Brewhouse Theatre” (1992) / Full concert

Musicians are; Roy Ayers (vibr), Zachary Breaux (g)(June 26, 1960 – February 20, 1997), Rex Rideout (keyb), Dennis Davis (dr), Donald Nicks (b)


Robert Glasper´s Experiment – “Tribute to Roy Ayers” live in HD (11 September, 2010), this is a very cool concert!

Musicians are; Robert Glasper (keyb), Derrick Hodge (b), Chris Dave (dr), Casey Benjamin (sax, voc & vocoder), Stefon Harris (vib), Pete Rock (MC and decks)


And here is Roy Ayers with band performing his classic hit “Searching” live in London (22 July, 2011)


Roy Ayers – “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” live at “The Baltic Weekender” (2011)


Roy Ayers – “Running Away” live in Columbus, Ohio (2012)


Roy Ayers – “Love Will Bring Us Back Together” live in London (8th January, 2013)

Can you imagine that Roy Ayers is 72 years old and still performing his “Neo-Soul” music with such energy and love. Sorry for the abrupt ending.

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