Quote # 17 by Maurice White

Quote # 17 by Maurice White

“There are certain disciplines we apply to our life in respect of diet, living and the way we live. There are certain aspects which have to be kept clean, things that relate directly to the Creator. By adopting a totally positive approach to our life, we can reflect this in our music – we won’t allow it to reflect any negative vibes or thoughts. All our music is ‘up’ in the sense that it is intended to bring people to that state. It is truly gratifying to know that we are finally getting to people, they are accepting us.”


– Maurice White (founder of Earth, Wind & Fire)


Earth, Wind & Fire is for me one of the absolute best R&B, Soul, Disco-Funk bands in history. I’ve seen them perform in Sweden several times and the first time was in 1981. Listen to the following examples below and you will understand.


Let your feelings show

In the stone

Fantasy/Sing a song


Thats the way of the world

I´ve had enough


Mighty mighty (live 1975)


Yearning´Learning (live 1975)

Early 70´s live medley

Evil (live 1973)

After the love has gone



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