Bad News Travels Fast – was a great French funk-jazz-disco group

Bad News Travels Fast – was a great French funk-jazz-disco group

Bad News Travels Fast – was a great French funk-jazz-disco group


Bad News Travels Fast was one of Alec R. Costandinos’ many productions of the late 70s, releasing two albums.

Although the records had Costandinos’ patent sound, they were in no way another disco project of his, this was a straight funk ensemble with jazz elements, featuring The Brecker Brothers on horns, and starring singers Sher Komisar, Madeline Bell and Arthur Simms.

The band members where; André “Dede” Ceccarelli (drums), Bernie Arcadio (keyboards, vocals), Jaycee Chavanat (guitars) and Tony Bonfils (bass).

If you like Gino Vanelli on the 70´s you will love “Bad News Travels Fast”.

I was lucky to get their albums in the early 80´s. The major force in the group was the fantastic French drummer André “Dede” Ceccarelli. He is the answer to Steve Gadd and plays many styles (mostly jazz nowadays). He was also a member in  bands such as “TROC” (they are still active), Synthesis etc. His own first album called “Ceccarelli” from 1977 is a master piece.

The band also played on Costandinos’ soundtrack album Winds of Change and on his third Love & Kisses LP, You Must Be Love, also released in 1979. Like all Costandinos’ projects, both albums of Bad News Travels Fast were released on Casablanca Records. Being one of America’s greatest disco labels, Casablanca had no idea how to promote their albums correctly, both of them flopped and are hard-to-find albums today.

Appart from Bad News Travels Fast, you will find some clips of other great bands Andre “Dede” Ceccarelli played with in the 70´s and at the end some videos with the great band “TROC” from 2011 and 2012. André Ceccarelli is for me one of the top drummers in the world!


Below are some sound clips that gives you a good feeling of the music I write about.



Synthesis – “City Life, City Song” (1976)

Musicians including; Didier Lockwood, Ivan Julien, Francois Jenneau, Tony Bonfils & Andre “Dede” Ceccarelli.


Synthesis – “Sophie’s Gift” (1976)


Ceccarelli with Alex Ligertwood – “Speed It Up” from the album “Ceccarelli” (1977)

What do you think? Is it hip?

Musicians are; Andre “Dede” Ceccarelli, featuring Jannick Top from Magma on bass, vocalist Chantal Alexandre, Henri Giordano-keyboards, Christian Escoude & Jean Claude Chavanat on guitars, and Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express vocalist Alex Ligertwood.


Bad News Travels Fast – “1959 Mysterious Lady” from the album “Look Out” (1979)


Bad News Travels Fast – “Here in The Night” from the album “Look Out” (1979)


Bad Nes Travels Fast- “A Sigh” from the album “Look Out” (1979)


Bad News Travels Fast – “Ordinary Man” from the album “Ordinary Man” (1979)


Bad News Travels Fast – “We Still Need Your Lovin” from the album “Ordinary Man” (1979)


Bad News Travels Fast – “Can´t Fool” from the album “Ordinary Man” (1979)



Here are some great live videos with Andre “Dede” Ceccarelli and the band “TROC”. Their feeling is on top!



TROC – “Freedom” (2011)

Musicians are; Andre “Dede” Ceccarelli (dr), Yannick Top (b), Alex Ligertwood (voc), Julian Mazzeriallo (keyb) and Amaury Filliard (g)


TROC – The making of their latest album “TROC 2011” (2011)


TROC – “Another Door” (2012)


TROC – Just a great funky performance! (2012)

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  1. I rehearsed with a band at Radio Norrbotten in Lulea, Sweden, 1979,
    and then looked often into their disk archives.
    When I found Bad News Travels Fast, and their first album Look Out,
    I thought
    – Oh, just another boring discogroup from Casablanca records!
    Casablanca released a lot of discorecords in the 70’s
    where a lot was completely uninteresting and much was pure crap!
    But when I, after all, were listening to the disc,
    I was completely absorbed and a bit shocked
    It was discofunk with touches of Brecker Brothers
    and symphonic pop a la Gino Vanelli.
    (DiscoFunkSoulFusionPop with vocals, or something like that)
    Completely unknown French and English musicians created here with disco producer Alec R. Costandinos
    something completely different, and really really good!
    I do recommend Bad News Travels Fast’s “Look Out”

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