Sacbé is one of the most seminal bands in Mexican jazz.


The band was comprised of the Toussaint Brothers: Eugenio (piano), Enrique (electric bass) and Fernando (drums). The group has been playing professionally since 1977.

They draw upon all kinds of influences; from African, Asiatic, Brazilian and Mexican music to rock and jazz, always making very interesting music in the process.

Clare Fischer (October 22, 1928 – January 26, 2012, was a fine American musician, composer, arranger, producer and band leader ) worked together with Sacbé on some of their records.


For you who remember Sequential Circuits fantastic analog synthesizer Prophet 5, I can tell you that Eugenio made several memorable recordings with Sacbé there he played on Prophet 5. If you listen to the song “Mijo” (from their record “Street Corner”) at the end of Eugenios beautiful rhodes solo (4:28 but 4:33 on the clip below), you will understand what I mean, just perfect use of the Prophet 5.


Here are some more video and sound clips. Unfortunately there are not so many videos with Sacbé uploaded, but you will anyway get a feeling of their wonderful artistry.



Very sadly Eugenio died from an antidepressant’s overdose on February 8, 2011 in Mexico City.

Sample of a live performance by Eugenio Toussaint:


If you are interested to buy the music of Sacbé, you can find a complete box of their recordings in iTunes (for download) or buy the physical CD on Amazon.

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