Quote # 60 by Shorty Rogers

Quote # 60 by Shorty Rogers

“When Bird came on the scene, it was just as shocking as in the Bible: everything was dark, and then the light appeared for the first time.”


– Shorty Rogers


Milton “Shorty” Rogers (April 14, 1924 – November 7, 1994), born Milton Rajonsky in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, was one of the principal creators of West Coast jazz. He played both the trumpet and flugelhorn, and was in demand for his skills as an arranger.


If you like cool jazz, this is for you.



Shorty Rogers & His Giants – “Martian Bossanova” (1962)

Introduced by Frank Evans: Shorty Rogers (flugel horn), Joe Maini (tenor sax), Pete Jolly (piano), Max Bennett (acoustic double bass), Mel Lewis (drums)

Frankly Jazz was a half-hour television program produced in Los Angeles in the early 1960s. Each program featured one or more prominent West Coast Jazz performer of the day. Frankly Jazz was hosted by Frank Evans, a leading jazz disk jockey of the day.


Shorty Rogers and His Giants – “Martians Go Home” (1962)

Musicians are; Lou Levy (piano), Gary Peacock (bass), Larry Bunker (drums), Gary Lefebvre (flute) and Shorty Rogers (flugelhorn)


Shorty Rogers & His Giants – “The Outsiders” (1962)

Musicians are the same as above but now Gary Lefebvre plays sax


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