Ivan Lins – Daquilo Que Eu Sei

Ivan Lins – Daquilo Que Eu Sei

Ivan Lins a stunning Brazilian composer, singer and musician.


In addition for Ivan being a huge star in his homeland, he is incredibly popular in the United States and he has a faithful public in Europe as well.

I myself have been a devoted fan since 1983, when my good friend (and also the amazing guitarist) Day Matsson from Stockholm, introduced me to Ivan Lins.

We had a fusion band in Stockholm called “Pinocchios Tuta” for several years. The members in the band was; myself (Torbjorn Fjeldgard Andersen) – bass, Bjorn Axelsson – keyboards, Lasse Lundbom – drums, Dag Matsson – guitar and Martin Klaman – guitar. Our first live gig was in april 1985 at the Swedish Radio P3 and the program “Gästspel” (the producer was Bernt Berndtsson). During the show we played Ivan Lins tune – Daquilo Que Eu Sei. We were very pleased with our performance and I sent a tape with the consert to the incredible guitarist, Steve Vai.

After 7 days, I received a long reply from Steve, where he wrote that we were incredibly tight and the guitarists reminded him about Allan Holdsworth (another guitar hero) and that we were better than most American fusion bands. At that moment we were very thrilled. Maybe I write some more about Pinocchios Tuta later, we’ll see.


Now it´s time to listen to and watch Ivan Lins performing with his own Brazilian band,  his wonderful composition, “Daquilo Que Eu Sei”, listen and enjoy!

Ivan Lins – Vocal and keyboards

Marco Brito – Piano

Teo Lima – Drums

Nema Antunes – Bass

Marcelo Martins – Tenor sax

Armando Marçal – Percussion

Leonardo Amuedo – Guitar

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