Hello, I´m Torbjörn Fjeldgård.

I live in a wonderful place located in the forrest, named Rejmyre 190 km south of Stockholm in Sweden.

By presenting my taste for good music, you will probably know a little bit more about who I am.

But what is good music?

“There are only two kinds of music – good (music) and bad (music)” is a saying associated with Duke Ellington (1899-1974) and Louis Armstrong (1901-1971). Armstrong added that he played the “good” kind of music.

Who decide what is good or bad? That´s up to the listener. I will write about good music and then it´s up to you to decide what is good for you.

Another aspect to relate to, is what kind of music (style or category) you like to listen to for the moment. That is probably, and mostly; dependent on the situation, mood and the feelings that you have at that particular moment.

I will cover several styles and categories of music, that for sure will develop over time. Again, what I write about, is dependent on the situation, mood and my feelings that I have at that particular moment.

To understand music, it can for example be related to how we learn about different subjects at school. For some people, mathematics is hard, frustrating and very complex to learn, and for other it´s easy. For others sports are very natural and they have a talent from the beginning with very little practice. Again, other people who are interested in sports have to practice a lot to keep up with the natural talented. The same situation is valid for other subjects, even music.

My point is that music both has an intellectual and emotional aspect of understanding, dependent on situations, training, mood, personal conditions and feelings. If you practice and listen more to music, you will probably understand more about music.

Another thing that´s important for me, is to spend energy on things, music, people, interests etc. that gives positive feedback. Don´t waste your time and energy on things, people and situations, if you don´t feel good from them.

Since my blog is about music, you can also read quotes that have a meaning and makes a difference, with inspiration from the world of music.

I believe that music is something that brings people together regardless of their background, status, culture, religion, age, gender, lifestyle, and political affiliation.

If we put more focus on music and culture in our society, we would live in a better world.

For me, life is music and music is life!


Torbjörn Fjeldgård

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