Quote # 39 by Steve Turre

Quote # 39 by Steve Turre

“I think that a musician is like a doctor, he’s supposed to heal people and make them feel better.”


– Steve Turre


Steve Turre (born 12 September 1948 Omaha, Nebraska) is an American jazz trombonist, a pioneering musical seashell virtuoso, a composer, arranger, and educator. As a studio musician, Turre is among the most prolific living jazz trombonist in the world. It´s also Turre’s twenty-ninth year as trombonist with the Saturday Night Live Band.


Below are some nice videos and a sound clip that I recommend for you, enjoy!



Steve Turre together with “Latin Jazz Coalition” – “Zina´s Zamba” by Pete Escovedo (father to Sheila E) live (1993)

Musicians are; Demetrios Kastaris (trb), Willie Rodriguez (p), Mario Rodriguez (b), Angel Rodriguez (bongos), Victor Rendón (timb), Victor Lewis (Conga dr), Steve Gluzband (tr), Claudio Roditri (tr), Steve Turre (trb)

Both Steve Turre and Claudio Roditri has wonderful solos


Steve Turre with the same band and same concert as above (1993)


Steve Turre with the same band and same concert as above (1993)


Steve Turre – “All Blues” live at Chivas Jazz Festival, São Paulo (2001)

Musicians are; Steve Turre (trb/shells), Javon Jackson (ts), George Cables (p), Buster Wiliams (b), Victor Lewis (dr)


Steve Turre – “Morning” from the album “Rhythm Within” (1995)

This tune is very cool and special!



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